There are three aspects of Robert Levine’s life that gives it meaning: his passion for God, his passion for music, and his passion for youth. As a proud husband and father of four beautiful children, he has experienced some of life’s most amazing moments journeying with his family. He expresses his passions in life as a musician, songwriter and producer, in his faithful service to Beyond The Natural Foundation Inc, a nonprofit organization that he founded in 2013 to empower the youth of our communities through music.


Robert began playing drums in church at the age of 8. This consistent exposure to the healing and inspirational power of music led him to pursue a life with music as his sole means of self-expression. As creativity would have it, drumming led to a love for poetry, songwriting and production, and becoming a multi-instrumentalist creating musical compositions that have been featured in television and film, and recorded and performed by artists in multiple genres. Robert has written, performed, composed, or produced for clients ranging from HBO series “The Wire”, to Super Bowl Champion Bernard Pollard’s “Bourre” game application. As a Drummer and Bassist, he has shared the stage with such acts as Frankie Beverly and Maze, Boyz II Men, Erykah Badu, and Mint Condition just to name a few.


Robert has a unique skillset that allows him to write, compose, and produce music across R&B, Hip Hop, & Pop genres. He is passionate about collaboration as he always says, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.” Anyone who works with Robert has always come away feeling creatively inspired and eager to move forward with sharing their creative works with the world. He looks forward to interfacing with music supervisors, coordinators, managers, and performing artists to explore how they can make history by expanding the creative legacy of this world.